Currently under revision (2/13/2024) – check back for application status

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The American Cancer Society National Navigation Roundtable (ACS NNRT) was established in 2017. The ACS NNRT is a national coalition of over 220 member
organizations dedicated to achieving health equity and access to high-quality care across the cancer continuum through evidence-based patient navigation.

Building on the visionary work of Dr. Harold Freeman, the ACS NNRT and its members have been building evidence of the positive impact of patient navigation across the cancer continuum through government funded research and the programmatic efforts of the
ACS. The American Cancer Society provides organizational leadership and expert staff support to the ACS NNRT.

ACS NNRT Membership application – CURRENTLY under review as of February 13, 2024.  Check back soon for revised application.  

Members in ACS NNRT provide demonstrated leadership and skills in the field of Navigation driving ACS NNRT’s ability to achieve the 5 Year Aim, “to support the creation of a sustainable model for oncology patient navigation to achieve health equity across the continuum of cancer care.”

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