Membership Type and Criteria

The ACS NNRT consists of organizational members, corporate members, and select individuals (by invitation) which reflect a broad involvement in cancer support issues across the cancer continuum. There are no dues associated with membership. Separate membership applications and notice of acceptance are required for each

Organizational Member:

Organizational members join in support of ACS NNRT’s mission, commit to advancing the shared agenda and goals of ACS NNRT, and actively participate in roundtable activities.

  • Membership is open and initiated via an application process.
  • Full participatory rights
  • One vote per organization
  • Qualify for leadership roles

Corporate Member:

Corporate members are defined as business corporations that have a special affiliation with the roundtable and demonstrate a commitment to patient navigation.

  • Membership is open and initiated via an application
  • Non-voting & unable to hold leadership positions.

Candidates must meet one or more of the following criteria listed below to be considered for membership:

  • Have a strong interest in reducing health disparities through patient navigation.
  • Have demonstrated expertise and reputation in navigation programs and /or research.
  • Have demonstrated expertise in patient navigation across the cancer continuum of care.
  • Have the ability to deliver navigation education.
  • Have the ability to deliver navigation services.
  • Have experience/expertise in a field related to patient navigation that could assist in advancing the goals of the ACS NNRT

Apply for Membership

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Become a part of ACS NNRT.

Categories of Membership

The ACS NNRT consists of member organizations, invited individuals and corporations who reflect broad involvement in achieving access to quality equitable cancer care through various types of patient navigation. Applications for membership will be reviewed by the Roundtable Steering Committee for approval.