Membership Responsibilities

Members are expected to attend at least one meeting per year, in order to maintain membership. There are no dues or fees.

  • Make a commitment to advancing the mission of the ACS NNRT.
  • Attend the ACS NNRT’s National Meeting.
  • Contribute organizational expertise through participation on ACS NNRT Task Groups.
  • Drive forward ACS NNRT projects and initiatives.
  • Disseminate ACS NNRT products and information to organizational constituents.
  • Provide updates on your organization’s activities and achievements.
  • Respond to surveys and review materials.
  • Engage with ACS NNRT on social media.

Members are encouraged to actively participate on one of our task groups:

The ACS NNRT task groups focus on producing materials, products or studies or convening meetings to advance issues or areas of interest and impact. The work is most often conducted by conference calls or email exchange with an occasional in-person meeting.

Generally, ACS NNRT members find that the more they put into the ACS NNRT, the more they get out of it.

Apply for Membership

*NNRT Membership Application is currently under revisions (2/13/2024) – please check back shortly for the application.

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