Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Task Group aims is focused on Training & Certification with aims to ensure there is an activated and competency-based trained workforce.

Among this group’s key accomplishments was the publication in Cancer of an article on competency-based patient navigation training. They also created a consensus-guided set of PN competencies and a sample job description based on those competencies. The group created and implemented a survey on the impact of COVID-19 on patient navigation programs. A peer-reviewed paper based on the survey findings underscored the importance of patient navigation as a healthcare occupation worthy of recognition by governmental agencies, health systems, and healthcare payers.

The 2023 Workforce Development Task Group goal was to demonstrate to healthcare groups and individuals impacted by cancer how well-trained navigators can overcome fragmented healthcare. They did this by identifying PN job behaviors based on PONT standards and specific to entry (equivalent to 1 year working full-time as PN), intermediate (2-3 years full-time), or advanced (4+ full time years as PN) navigation positions. The table with detailed competencies, themes and behaviors delineated by entry level were posted on WFD members’ websites this fall. The table can be used to create and clarify PN positions and roles as well as job opportunities (i.e., specific to each entry, intermediate and advanced column listing behaviors).

Task Group meets monthly, 2nd Tuesday, 3:00 – 4:00 PM ET