Kristina Thomson, LCSW

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Director, American Cancer Society National Navigation Roundtable

Kristina Thomson, L.C.S.W. is the Director of the American Cancer Society National Navigation Roundtable (NNRT).  In this role she provides leadership to support the creation of a sustainable model for oncology patient navigation that contributes to health equity for all, across the continuum of cancer care. Ms. Thomson has a passion for helping patients and caregivers and expanding equity in cancer prevention and care. Prior to joining the ACS, she worked as a licensed clinical social worker in behavioral health and medicine, in healthcare and business arenas.   She began her career at ACS as a project manager for a grant-funded palliative care project in New Jersey. From there, she assumed a variety of progressive, highly successful leadership roles in patient and family services and hospital systems in the Northeast region and has been a key partner in helping to re-launch ACS’ patient navigation strategy.   Ms. Thomson holds a master’s degree in social work from Rutgers University, as well as certificate in clinical social work from NYU.