April NNRT Steering Committee Retreat

“It was awesome to have the NNRT gather at my home base of University of Colorado.  The theme of the day was sustainability of patient navigation.  Patient navigation is one of the only evidence based interventions to reduce barriers and increase access to care and we must also be sure navigators have stable jobs and livable wages.  This meeting further paved our way for equity.” stated,  Andi Dwyer, Chair, NNRT   

The NNRT Steering Committee met in Denver, CO, on 26 April 2022, to identify new initiatives to support the goals of our 5-year aim.  The meeting was attended by the Steering Committee membership, both virtually as well as in person, and was facilitated by Ryan Soisson with Soisson and Associates. 

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Identify Possible Strategies to Achieve 5-Year AIM
  • Review current work vis-a-via the 5-yr AIM

The Steering Committee identified a number of possible initiatives and worked to narrow the list down to strategies that were achievable through the Roundtable and were aligned with the 5-year aim.  These included: 

  • Develop health system capacity for oncology patient navigation reimbursement
  • Develop and disseminate policy case studies for existing payment models and to support future payment considerations for patient navigation
  • Support the continued professionalization of oncology patient navigation
  • Consider a public awareness campaign to better elevate oncology patient navigation as an integral part of oncology care
  • Establish the NNRT Seal of Approval for sustainability standards in practice

The Steering Committee will continue to refine and develop these strategies over the next few weeks.  It is the goal of the Steering Committee to develop more substantive workplans based on each of these strategies that can then be used by our 3 task groups.  We have exciting work ahead and look forward to continuing to plot our path towards the NNRT 5 Year Aim.