This Call To Action session reviewed the Oncology Navigation Professional Standards of Practice and offer examples from the experience of a clinical nurse, clinical social worker, and patient
navigator, working across the continuum of care in a variety of health care settings. Sample job
descriptions, orientation, training, and evaluation tools will be offered.

Archived Webinar


Archived webinar on the Community Guide, the CPSTF, PONT Standards and Comprehensive Cancer Coalitions recommendations for patient navigation services to increase cancer screening. 

The @CPSTF  recommends #PatientNavigation services to increase breast, cervical & colorectal cancer screenings among historically disadvantaged racial & ethnic populations & people with lower incomes.

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CPSTF patient navigation screening guidelines:  Cancer Screening: Patient Navigation Services to Increase Breast Cancer Screening and Advance Health Equity 

The Community Guide 

Professional Oncology Navigation Task Force:   PONT Standards Link

CDC’s National Comprehensive Cancer Control Program: state/tribal/territorial coalitions across the country

Cancer Plans from across the US

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Call To Action Series session 3: 

Date: November 15, 2022


This session will provide and update on the impact and the expanded roles patient navigators developed during COVID-19 and insights on the importance of patient navigation.

Slide Deck: NNRT Call to Action Session 3 Patient Navigation During COVID-19

Recorded Webinar:  Link

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2022 – 2023 Call to Action Series

The Call to Action Series will be a series of four topics from the Supplement collection and focus on areas such as the national survey, professional oncology patient navigator standards, the impact of COIVD-19 on patient navigation and policy.  

Panel sessions will focus on opportunities, initiatives and coordinating a patient navigation sustainability plan sponsored by the NNRT as well as select member organizations, and will share successes in community outreach, health equity, and patient-centered care along the patient navigation cancer continuum.




2020 Annual Meeting

The NNRT Annual Meeting is an important gathering of member organizations and individuals whose mission is dedicated to achieving health equity and access to quality care across the cancer continuum through effective patient navigation.


September 29, 2020

Virtual meeting

2-4:30 pm Eastern