NNRT Steering Committee Retreat

The objectives of the meeting were to:

  • Identify Possible Strategies to Achieve 5-Year AIM
  • Review current work vis-a-via the 5-yr AIM

The Steering Committee identified a number of possible initiatives and worked to narrow the list down to strategies that were achievable through the Roundtable and were aligned with the 5-year aim. These included:

  • Develop health system capacity for oncology patient navigation reimbursement
  • Develop and disseminate policy case studies for existing payment models and to support future payment considerations for patient navigation
  • Support the continued professionalization of oncology patient navigation
  • Consider a public awareness campaign to better elevate oncology patient navigation as an integral part of oncology care
  • Establish the NNRT Seal of Approval for sustainability standards in practice
  • Member Feedback
  • Robust Breakout discussions focused on the current and future value of the NNRT, as well as ways in which we can work together to advance our 5 Year Aim.